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How Does “Blue-collar” Design Studio Tank Thrive? It Rolls Up Its Sleeves + “Really Just Gives a Shit” | AIGA

Katie Chang Writer Journalist AIGA Where Designers Work“The big corporate agency mentality was frustrating us,” says Fred Weaver, of his decision to start Tank, a design and communications agency in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with co-founder David Warren in 1994. “There was this idea that smart people think and solve problems, then pony up a design team to ‘decorate’ the solution. But for us, design is much more powerful than graphic decoration. It’s actually a way of thinking.”

Christina Stembel Wants to Revolutionize How You Buy Flowers | Food & Wine

Katie Chang Writer Travel Food Wine FWxWhen the farm-to-table movement swept over San Francisco’s culinary landscape several years ago, Christina Stembel couldn’t help but notice the flowers gracing the tables of her favorite restaurants: “I kept thinking, ‘why are there ugly carnations on the tables, when everything else is so visually pleasing and locally sourced?’ ”