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How Does RISD Teach Graphic Design as a “Living Medium” That’s Open, Joyous, Risky + Insane? | AIGA

Katie Chang Writer AIGA Where Designers Work Graphic Design

When James Goggin earned his Master’s in graphic design from the Royal College of Art (RCA) in 1999, he was also in the midst of fighting the department’s decision to rename itself. “They wanted to call themselves ‘Communication Arts and Design,’ but I was interested in keeping graphic design as an emphatic name,” says Goggin.

How Does “Blue-collar” Design Studio Tank Thrive? It Rolls Up Its Sleeves + “Really Just Gives a Shit” | AIGA

Katie Chang Writer Journalist AIGA Where Designers Work“The big corporate agency mentality was frustrating us,” says Fred Weaver, of his decision to start Tank, a design and communications agency in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with co-founder David Warren in 1994. “There was this idea that smart people think and solve problems, then pony up a design team to ‘decorate’ the solution. But for us, design is much more powerful than graphic decoration. It’s actually a way of thinking.”

Christina Stembel Wants to Revolutionize How You Buy Flowers | Food & Wine

Katie Chang Writer Travel Food Wine FWxWhen the farm-to-table movement swept over San Francisco’s culinary landscape several years ago, Christina Stembel couldn’t help but notice the flowers gracing the tables of her favorite restaurants: “I kept thinking, ‘why are there ugly carnations on the tables, when everything else is so visually pleasing and locally sourced?’ ”